Wednesday, February 13, 2008

donny stop whoring out marie

so icky pat o'brien is refueling his liver in 'hab and donny osmond is filling in (really? is there no one else available for this?) which ok i had the doll as a tot and watched the show..hell i probably even watched the cheesy talk show in a weed induced haze in my youth but donny good god stop the osmond train and chill the fuck out man. i don't really watch the tabloid shows as i find them to be so damn whitewashed what you see is only 15% of the truth so i haven't seen much of him on the show but the 3 shows i did see a portion of donny was like a damn pimp hollerin about marie this my nephews this blah blah marie dolls, dancing ,being single STOP! don't call any more attention to yourself and risk them figuring you are irrelevant.
go get your teeth cleaned, that'll keep ya busy for awhile.

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