Wednesday, April 30, 2008

oh the memories...

so if you read CDAN comments you've prob heard me go off about meeting Robbie Williams by fluke one rainy day in London. BEST. DAY. EVER.

now your turn. who have you met? were they nice? were they assholes?
were they fugly in person? did they flirt with you? did they ask you for a dime?
hey you never know and plus i hear LA is a pretty messed up

the above picture was taken the next morning as we woke lazily from our 4 star slumber at the Dorchester.

i fuckin wish!


jax said...

Picture this: London...2001ish.
Was walking around Notting Hill and came out of a shop to find it pouring...bumped int ot a cute guy in glassesd with a huge 'brelly. he offered to shar it up the road with me, i said yes and proceeded to 'oh shit oh shit oh shit" all the way up to the shoe store we both were heading to. walked in,they closed the shop,we bought shoes and left.he bid me farewell went his way and i stood an gawked at what just happened.

jax said...

spell check is needed. damn it!

april said...

Love your blog! Love the bottomless snark! I'll start dropping by here from now on.

What a great Robbie story! Thank you for sharing it! It was like a teenage girl's dream come true,- really was! I missed it on CDAN, so thanks!

I am a Norwegian living in the US myself, so I have only met Norwegian celebs thus far, I'm afraid. That is, I've actually spotted a couple of obscure international ones, come to think of it: Pete Burns ("You Spin Me 'Round 'Round Baby, Right Round Like a Record Baby, etc." He now looks like a trannie.) on a school trip in Soho, London in 1987. Yes, I know I'm dating myself, but that's fine. He looked drugged out, and that's all there is to that story.

I also saw Christopher Atkins, if that's the Blue Lagoon one and not the Superman one, in Vegas in -03. He was with a younger man, and I distinctly got the impression that they were together. He had an air of "Please acknowledge me as a true celebrity, but don't pay me too much attention as that would make this situation awkward." His bio says he's married with kids, though, but that certainly doesn't have to mean he's straight in my book.

See, all my illusions when it comes to celebs sadly went away when I moved to this country. I used to think that Hollywood starlets were so skinny because they worked out a lot, too. Oh well.

Pinky said...

What a great story, Jax! Let's see, who've I met...

Paula Abdul (and she wasn't intoxicated)
Chris O'Donnell (VERY nice)
Shia LeBeouf (a bit full of himself)
George Clooney (so handsome)
Cloris Leachman (gorgeous, great ass and I told her so and she's 82)
John Cusak
Jeremy Piven (Asshat!)

That's all I can think of right now...

jax said...

oooh Chris O' Donnell was a big crush of mine around the Circle of Friends/ Mad Love times. i knew he'd be nice.

Does Venus Flytrap ( Tim Reid) count?? lol..i was 9 at a car show.

I did meet Christopher Reeve years before his accident in Vancouver with randomly Diedre Hall. he was just so damn nice and sincere.

I saw Jason Mewes from Clerks,Mallrats Jay and Silent Bob fame last weekend downtown but it was just a "hey isn't that..?" momment.

Vancouver is such a cool place to celeb spot becasue no one really cares and the celebs seem to enjoy the interaction from normal folk,not screaming tweens or paparazzi. My BFF met Sarah Jessica Parker last summer and almost died...we are HUGE SATC was like meeting the Pope.

jax said...

ps I LOVED Blue Lagoon!!! good for you and thnx for the compliments!

Didin't Pete Burns always wear the tranny clothes? now he/she is full on tranilicious.

Jewels said...

Oh, I just couldn't help my damn curiosity and came by for a looksy!

Jax! You shared an umbrella with Robbie W.? Fucking yummy!

Hmmm, don't know if you'd consider them celebrities, but I went to an after party [Ottawa/Toronto football game] back in, oh, 1994, and partied with the Barenaked Ladies, after they had performed a 'secret' concert. Now THAT was fun, totally down to earth, but wouldn't have imagined them otherwise.
Also shared a few words with Scott Thompson (of Kids in the Hall) in Toronto, he's a friggin' hoot!

Do athletes count as celebrities? Met a few of them (bunch of horndogs those guys, would fuck a snake if they could hold them straight, I'm sure...)

My latest celebrity action was back in the summer of '04. I finagled my way backstage at a Maroon 5/ John Mayer concert, for a short meat & greet w/ JM. The dude is HUGE! As in soooo tall (and Jewels here has a penchant for the tall ones...), and an absolute sweetheart. He gave me a huge hug and posed for a photo, he was fresh from a post-concert shower and smelled heavenly... I spent the whole hour driving back home gushing to my girlfriend that "J.M. hugged me! J.M. hugged me!"

My hubby did not share my enthusiasm and joy when I shared the event with him... LOL! said...

The truth comes out. Jax is a starf*cker.

jax said...

hey jewels welcome! its all good baby jax is all about love spread the word tell ya momma lol. peeked at your profile and we share a lot of interests me fellow canucker!

of course athletes count- this is canada??? a ref is like B list.
awesome another Mayer Attack. i like the music not the sadist. oops i mean pissin.PERSON. ahem. sounds like he was pretty cool though.

jax said...

LOL@Blove...damn i wish. the guy has got charisma for fuckin days. and the eyes! ok i have to go get my hair did..later!

Pinky said...

Fresh smelling men, rainy days and umbrellas. Ahhhhh. Quality, not quantity. And now the epiphany -THAT'S what the fuck happened to my sex life. Shit.

april said...

I love reading everybody's stories!

Pete Burns DID always wear the tranny clothes, but as a teenager I didn't really understand that, since I assumed he was a great artist. I might have had a slight inkling that he could be gay though, but that's about it.

Jesse D said...

I met John Travolta in LA many many years ago. A right decent fellow, at least back then.

Pinky said...

Say Jax - no one posts Lainey's Blinds for guessing. Maybe you could do us the favor? I'd love to know what everyone thinks about "Keeping it Legal"

jax said...

done! sorry if i ruined

Pinky said...

Jesse - my friend who was propositioned by Travolta has nothing but nice things to say about him. My friend, well, he just doesn't 'bend' that way. ;)

jax said...

ooh now that is a story i want to hear Pink!

RagDoll said...

Jax-- I have a NON-fresh-smelling man, rainy day and NO umbrella, LOL:

...Keanu Reeves tripped over my dog's leash on Lincoln Road in Miami Beach in, like, one of the first 2 or so weeks of Dec '06. It was the wee hours of the morning (6AM or so?) and Jet (the dawg) would NOT stop crying to go outside, so I took him out despite the steady drizzle. I was window-shopping on the (mostly) deserted street, and I had let the leash unravel to its full length. I felt a pull on the leash, and I looked to see if Jet was getting into some naughtiness, but instead, it was this tall, pale, fairly thin guy, dressed like a bum (and smelling kinda like a bum too--B.O. and cigarettes and booze, booze, booze) who had tripped over the leash. I apologized and when he spoke to acknowledge the apology, I did a double-take because the VOICE is unmistakable-- it's the SAME flat, lifeless monotone, a bit deep with a slightly breathy quality. It's so much the same that it almost sounds too fake to be true---like a really good imitation of "Keanu Reeves" I almost expected a "whoa..." He was unassuming and quiet and alone and smoking a cigarette (yeah, in the rain), he was wearing way too many clothes for Miami Beach (even if it was rainy) and his hair looked so filthy and greasy that it gave you the impression that it would react like modeling clay if you were to touch it. He had a scraggly beard that was working its way down his throat, and his eyes were bloodshot. Ever since seeing him, I'm convinced that any dirty-furtive-depraved sex BI's or any drug BI's are Reeves. He just gave off such a creepy vibe. If he wasn't famous, you'd just think "ew, what a creep" if you passed him on the street. He kinda made my skin crawl.

jax said...

damn ragdoll that is just pitiful.
i wonder if this was around the time he either lost his baby or baby momma. sad all around.

he seems to have gotten it together as i beleive someone on CDAN ran into him in 2007.

jax said...

oh and PS whats going on with X lately??? are you still with Y?
you tease!

RagDoll said...

It was Dec 2006. I think a few years after the loss of his family. I'm glad there's a newer encounter where he's doing better. He seemed sooooooooo out of it when I saw him.

Pinky said...

I mentioned the story on CDAN awhile back and Twisted chastised me for not getting her an autographed picture. Remember now?

jax said...

aw yes..was hoping there would be more to the (COS) story.

Hez said...

Well, besides having lunch with the lovely Dominique Swain, which olde tyme CDANers all know about, my two best starfucking stories (minus the any fucking, and most of the actual "story" - sorry!) are:

- George Michael bought me a drink in London in 1987 (he was dressed exactly like the Faith video!)

- I smoked a joint with Christopher Walken - which is to this day, my best celebrity anecdote. But you have to buy me a drink (or roll me a joint) if you wanna hear it. (Have I already told you this one, Pinky?)

There's a few more (I've had drinks with 2 cast members from 90210 - Tori & Jason - albeit on separate occasions), but Walken and George Michael are the stories I still dine out on.

Pinky said...

No, damn it Hez, and I did BOTH for you!!

jax said...

And do you prefer rizla silvers or whites? lol.

i have George Micheals autgraph but never met starfucker brother did. yes.
his roomate dated Elton John for a while and my brother still has the Jean Paul Gaultier tank top he bought pre david furnish.

my ex bf sold smack to Jason Priestly. more than once.

califblondy said...

I've seen alot of people when I've been to NYC, but honestly I won't approach people. Gena Rowlands got off the elevator in my hotel and I couldn't say anything. I've seen Tracey Ullman and Elvis Costello walking down the street.

A million years ago when Bryant Gumble worked at the local L.A. news and I was maybe 20 years old, I saw him while I was on the NBC studios tour and he looked me up and down and said "And how are YOU?"

The only picture I have is with Cameron Mathison from All My Children. Very nice man. Katie Couric and Matt Lauer both talked to me outside of Today Show. Katie was really nice and we talked like best friends.

Charlie Gibson approached me outside of GMA to ask about my hat (I had just gotten off the plane from San Diego wearing a fur coat and a Harley Davidson satin cap) Diane Sawyer never talked to anyone.

I spotted Chris Kataan outside of Rockefeller and when I pointed him out to Queen Mum, he turned away. Glorie Ruebens was waiting in line for the ladies' room when we saw Michael Feinstein and she wouldn't make eye contact with anyone. I saw Vin Diesel that night too (not in the ladies' room though) and he was friendly.

jax said...

i totally forgot i saw vin diesel here too at cultas lake with a lot of gay men. no lie.

Pinky said...

Damn - I forgot a few too. Natasha Kinski and Salma Hayak in the ladies room at the Great Expectations premiere. Salma said she liked "The Titanic" better. They were both gorgeous. Natasha didn't have a lick of makeup on either. Bitch. ;)