Tuesday, April 8, 2008

i love you but i don't $350 a ticket love you

George we have to talk. i have supported your closeted gay ass for years knowing full well you were a big ole lovely 'mo. i bought your tapes (yes tapes im old) then your cd's and now download itunes (big fat lie but who's counting) and take in any perfomaces you are in whether it be Spice Girls documentaries or Eli Stone episodes.

so why you trying to fuck me george? $350 a ticket to hear you swagger your over the hill ass to Faith? no way josie! so what if my mother is begging me to go. ok Mom won, we bought some tix in the "lower price range" but that shit STILL cost over $250.
oh and for all you that saw the above picture in '83 and had no clue...that uncle who has never married but sewes like no one's business? friend of Dorothy. sorry. GAY.


P.B.S. aka Ms. F said...

Ha I thought I was the only one upset over the price of these tickets! I wanted to go, but I can not justify 350.00 a ticket for anything! Great Blog!

jax said...