Thursday, April 24, 2008

praise jebus! xmas is early!

first off i cannot stand the paparazzi. but what i cannot stand even more than the paparazzi is mariah carey. i have a serious hate on for her and her shit music.

so when i read on tmzizzle that she was being blacklisted by the paps for 3 major photog offences i was oh-ver joyyyed.

so what did she do?

-showed up 2 hours late.

-did the OJ down the red carpet without the white bronco.

-wore sunglasses on the red carpet...a big no no.

so now the lovely lads with zoom lenses have given her the one finger salute. no pics, no press no coverage and that folks is genius. no one loves mariah more than mariah. no one.

so while we maybe 'hurting/rejoycing' for new mariah pics of her squeezing her size 4 ass into a size 0 hoochie shorts please refer back to the pick above. a lil 'more' mariah than we see today. mariah backstage before a show...nice belly. elly elly. ah ah ah oh...(and a lil tranny looking)

(thnx medioutrage!whoever the feck you are)

7 comments: said...

any way we can talk them into doing this for Paris Hilton?

jax said...

and kim k, mischa barton, amy winehouse and Britney.

donna said...

I cant believe I am saying this but .. god bless the paps . for once they appear to have their lens on tightly .. pariah deserves every thng she gets, shes a diva who's only claim to fame is that she can hit one high note other than that her songs are nothing but bubblegum stuck under a park bench music.. and is that really her? remember the blind about the singer who really cant sing .. wouldnt be surprised if it was this hoochie ..

Pinky said...

Did you guys see the clip that D-Listed posted of Mimi singing at on GMA? Three minutes in she turns to her backup singers and sings "Stop singing my part, now." heeheeheeheeheeheee

I just creeped myself out because my heehees remind me of that character Jim Carrey used to play on In Living Color, the body-builder, horsey-faced girl...what was her name??

jax said...

with the leopard bikini? shit i cant remeber it was a female body builder.

Pinky said...

Vera de Milo - I just looked it up. I'll sleep tonight.

jax said...