Wednesday, May 28, 2008

facebook ads suck

...this picture appears on facebook under an ad banner reading " ultimate diet plan." from the looks of it the diet consists of little more than water and celery stix. i see ribs!
i don't find seeing the skeletal outline of a women appealing and neither do most guys...this girl needs to eat a sandwich and chill for a week.
there's another gem picture floating around there that i'll post once i see it again that is thanks facebook i can find my own eating disorder you just stick to poking a bitch.


Bad Fish said...


and the weirdest part? Her waist looks wonky. I'd never go on a diet that'd make me look like my ribs were now below my waist line.

jax said...

oh wait till u see the other one with a muffin top and what the headline is. they might have taken it down already.

guess thats what happens when the CEO is a snot nosed, light sabre carrying dork.

jax said... i totally forgot what the picture below was!!!