Tuesday, May 27, 2008

i'm convinced 95% of people are stupid

working as i do as a support coordinator you'd think by now i was used to stupid people. i mean it's what we do here. deal with dumbasses and their inability to read a MANUAL.
but every once in awhile there is a special brand of dumb i encounter. case in point the lovely lady who upon receiving her unit called in tot give me shit for not informing her that it required electricity. ma'am what exactly did you think 110V meant? also in the specs what did you think the 3 pronged electrical cord was for?

i've worked a lot of different jobs in my day but my all time favorite was in a greeting card shop that also sold touristy stuff in the summer. you know the standard Canadiana fare. pens, tee shirts, flags, mugs etc. one very charming and obtuse lady brought up a silk screened canadian flag to ask:
"Lovely flag. does it come in any other colours?"
"uh no ma'am that's our country's flag and our colours are red and white"
"Well it doesn't match my rosebushes, would your other store have them?"
"not unless the store is in fuckin Finland!"
"jackie, we need to talk at the end of your shift" that signaled the end of my employment in the greeting card business. shocking ,no?

a friend of mine worked in a tourist shop in Jasper for a summer. her favorite story (aside from the 100s of Japanese tourists getting trampled by charging moose and elk who DO NOT want their picture taken from 3 feet away) is the very kind German lady who exclaimed:

"dis scenes is soo beautiful and vibrant...who paints zem?"
"ma'am those are mountains. real mountains. there is no backdrop"
"oh so i cannot buy them?"
"not since 1867"


Bad Fish said...

I think the stupidest lady I ever met was while I was an apprentice meat cutter. This dumb cunt came in with a steak she'd left in fridge for three weeks, expecting to get a full refund because "it went bad". Actually, it was probably just the right amount of aging and would have been a lovely steak, and I'm appalled to say that she DID in fact get to return the steak because my boss/the owner of the store was such an ass kiss. I wish I could find that chick and slap her!

lyz said...

I used to work in the bra dept at a big dept store. I had a woman return her old and dingy bra that must have been 3 years old b/c it was worn out. And the manager took it back!


jax said...

lol i worked in the lingerie department of Eaton's a big Macy's type of store and had an old lady lift her shirt and show me her bare tits and ask "what size am i?"

we also had a women return her 3 year old microwave becasue it didn't match her new kitchen.

oh and a mom who clearly brought in a shitty sleeper and wanted to exchnage it becasue this one was 'soiled'

i have a million stories.