Wednesday, May 7, 2008

open letter to the prick who tried to run me off the road

fuck youuuuu.


so i'm driving down the road to work this morning and come up behind a dump truck which is very normal from the area i am in. he's going very slow so i look around him to see if it is safe to pass. i have a jagged line indicating its legal so i go around him. i signal i give a wide berth you name it.

2 mins later this asshole is on my ass giving me the brights the horn and yelling like a mad man. we approach a stop sign,there is traffic everywhere and he keeps getting closer and closer until i have to move my car up to get out of HIS way. i'm now pinned between his truck and another. he's yelling and getting out of his truck and thankfully at this point traffic creeps up enough so i could get the fuck out of there.

but not before i took a picture of him and his antics. due to privacy protection act i cannot show it and risk being sued. so i got my ass the fuck out of there and called the cops on his ignorant anger filled ass. the best part?

he called the cops on ME first. and lied about every dam thing that happened! the street he was on, the manner in which i was driving...everything. thankfully the cop was very nice and knew the area we were in well and called him on his BS.

why i have to truck drivers take it as a blow to the ego if a woman in a car passes them?

you were doing fucking 20kms in a 60km zone in a 3 ton truck hauling rock you asswipe. oh and the next time me and my bitches are rollin' and we see're gonna wish you were the dude in the picture. recognize. lol...deep cleansing breathes.


april said...

What a prick indeed! I'm glad you're ok, though! Hope the idiot gets prosecuted!

sheetrock said...

Maybe this truck driver is the same guy from another blog upset about tiny penis comments? Just a thought:)

jax said...

hahaha maybe. methinks he has no dick by his bitchy whiny comment.

Jewels said...

Funniest photo ever! (for today... ) ;P

Road rage SUCKS! And it's always these fuckers in big tanks, right? Truckers are the worse. Actually, in my area, bus drivers are pricks too. You pretty much take your chances when you take public transit here... LOL!