Tuesday, May 13, 2008

some of us wear our heart on our sleeve...

poor jess. rumour has it her and romo are o-va.
see this is what happens when you give a magazine interview and call your bf of a year your future husband. na uh girl that is not how it's played. not that you have to 'play' per se but come on. i'm not a celebrity but this shit is not done. if she's doing that in the mags what is she feeding him in private?

it's so perfect too because i can imagine ole' tony as a compete 'yes dear' kinda guy. i don't know if i believe it just yet but either way i think they'll get back together. honestly they both struck me as a bit dim..to be kind.

but for now jessica? don't get too comfortable.


Bad Fish said...

I almost feel sorry for her...almost. EVERY girl should know that you play it cool and never mention marriage until they do. She's just so freeeeakin' desperate to have a high profile relationship again, that she's jumping the gun!!!

jax said...

i do too,as a single women i can relate. i just dont think she has dating experience. she was with nick forever and then married him and after that its been a douchebag party ever since.

i would sooo love to see John Mayer dump Aniston to get back together with Jessica,that would make my life..lol.

Bad Fish said...

Yeah its sad, because the major relationship mistakes that someone normal like you and I might have made, the stuff that teaches us how to behave in a relationship, she's never had nor will she ever. She can't go through men in the way she'd need to, to learn any better, because her career won't allow it. its like she's just blinding stumbling about...I'd love to see her with John Mayer again...I felt like he could save her! lol