Sunday, June 1, 2008

carrie and stanford meet tom cruise

just finished watching the 2008 mtv movie awards hosted by mike myers. here's 3 things things i noticed:

1- wtf was tom cruise presenting a tribute to adam sandler? $100 says he's never seen a single sandler film outside of punk drunk love. weird. (side-when he came out no one barely cheered and apparently they had to edit out some booing)

2- johnny muthafuckin depp. damn. dayum. i want to know where the damn time machine is that he took to come back from 1988. i'm not even a depp kinda girl and my heart was fucking racing at the site of this young lookin thing from my youth. hello! i've searched high and low for a shot of earlier tonight but nadda so far so watch the show for a yum inducing moment with Officer Tom Hanson.

3- 3 thing happened when johnny depp won:
the crowd when fucking nuts.
lindsay lohan jumped to her feet like it was the beatles. hilarious.
seth rogen did not hide his disappointment. sad. he should have won, hot depp aside.

something else i noticed in the picture below:
the best diet out there is dating a Madden brother.

that seems a little thin for paris. just like sophie monk, hilary duff and nicole richie (prebaby and soon to be again).

yay dlisted!!!! via getty images. behold:


~crazy peanut~ said...

Had he said "The Sandman" one more time, my head would have exploded.

Sadly this is the first time I have seen him in ages that he actually seemed normal, you know, having a bit of fun.....but we all know that he is soooo not that guy.....anymore, so, he looked out of place and awkward.

jax said...

damn i've watched this part of the show in reruns a feeeewwwww times already. hot hot hot.

donna said...

johnny motherfuckin depp has had all the females in my office gaga since he showed his handsome face on mtv .. he still looks as young ang doable now as he did when he did jump street ...then we got to talking, remember when richard greco started? have you seen him lately .. wow .. he looks like mickey rourke ..all plastic and shiny ..

jax said...

lol too true Donna..all shiny n shit.