Monday, June 2, 2008

good god man turn the gun the other way

word on the blogger street is that JT is looking for a ring for jessica biel. wretch. spit. wretch.
really JT? are you nuts? is this an uber beard deal?
you do know she likes the um..ladies too non?
you do like the ladies too non?
alright just checking. your fate.


adrian said...

Rumor was he liked the ladies & the men. She may fit into both categories for him.

donna said...

as much as I love me some jt .. I just cant seem to figure him out .. and I guess until he comes over for a twisted tea or two with me, I never will .. I just hope that this engagement thing is a rumour .. she doesnt seem like a very happy person ..

Rebecca said...

He just smelled his upper lip and he isn't happy.