Tuesday, June 10, 2008


it's free rice day starting at 11am PST. feed the world before you feed yourself.
it's only 4 minutes.


*UPDATE- ok so i got a measly 740 grains of rice....but it will feed someone out there. the contest may be over but the need is not. do your part today.

ok no more do-gooder stuff from here on in i promise. back to smut!


~crazy peanut~ said...

I can't stop. Please help me. Send dictionary now. I am stuck on level 40 and can't get any higher.

I will never forgive you for this jax. ;)

jax said...

lol sorry...but at least your addiction feeds people.

btw- a biff is a smack..who knew? lol.

Anonymous said...

brag brag brag 1220 grains of rice.

jax said...


Amber said...

wanna have a rice grain competition?

let me know.....:)

Pinky said...

I had a slow afternoon yesterday and gave 5500 grains of rice to the world! Plus I found out that I'm fucking BRILLIANT. LOL

Thanks for posting this Jax. Really.

Canada Chick said...

2080......guess much LOL

jax said...

lol good for you guys...i normally am a pimp with vocab but as soon as the timer started for this event yesterday i was DUMB. my vocab level was about a 40 though..