Thursday, September 25, 2008

about town in Barcelona

one of my favorite places to eat..rosa negra. yum. try the passion fruit water.

quebec restaurant..funny.

and a Navejo chanting Spain.

the delicious roadside patisserie..that flatbread pizza was damn good.

mr. brown was hot. a pic was necessary.

another apartment designed by Gaudi, the billboard was shameless.

you go girl! 3 inch pumps on a moped.

a great program for renting bikes around the city.

the new hotel by my bros, it looks pretty cool so far.


Mooshki said...

What a cute cafe! Mmmm, bread...

Bad Fish said...

Ah, had an agua fresca, eh? :) I love to get those at this really authentic taqueria I like to frequent here in Seattle.

jax said...


Beth said...

Mr Brown IS hot! Look at those other guys lookin at him!!! ;)