Monday, September 22, 2008

rain rain go away!

of course it was bound to happen. RAIN!
i was originally planning to come home on wednesday but after seeing the forcast i'm heading home early. at least at home when it's raining i can find something to not so much. don't get me wrong i'm very happy with my trip...i'm just not interested in blowing what little vacation time i have by watching reruns of Project Runway on Sky tv and eating more carbs. i've really done all i wanted. shopping, eating exploring and the beach. the only other thing i wanted to do was spend another day at the beach but its not in the cards so..fuck it.

i'm leaving on a jetplane tomorrow and will be back in my own bed for tuesday night.

the good news is once i get home and upload all my pix and video then i will blog my little heart away. look for that wednesday.

hope all is good for you was your weekend?


Bad Fish said...

Good to know you're coming home! I might prefer Spain rain to PNW rain for once, but that's just me. I deliberately sit in that shit til I'm too cold to anymore.

Busy weekend, bought lotsa baby clothes for the new lil niece!

Amber said...

My weekend was good.Uneventful,but good.We did however hit up the county fair &feed goats some!!!:)(petting zoo)

Mooshki said...

But the food! Oh well, it's probably good for your hips that you're leaving early. If I'd spent a few more days in Vegas I would have had to buy a second seat on the plane for my ass. It'll be nice to have you in a similar time zone again. :)

Spent my weekend freaking out about the plane crash. :( Ever since I read a story by a doctor in Vietnam about a burn unit, the thought of anyone with a serious burn makes me lose it. said...

You're like a woman of the world now.

Amber said...