Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Hey Canada! Put down the poutine and go vote!

Polls close at 7pm local time..no excuses!
for more info on voting http://www.elections.ca/


Bad Fish said...

Poutine sounds good. But only the East Coasters eat it in America, really. I've never even seen a place to get poutine on the West Coast, and I've traveled up and down the tri state area extensively :(

jax said...

lol..even Burger King has Poutine here. Actually up until about 93..i'd never had it either or heard of it until BK had it! mmm and its damn good too.

you could make your own, order any fries with any gravy and add cheese. done.

BTW your fav Red Robin just started it up here..bottomless Poutine is a fucking great thing.

ps Vote! lol.

Bad Fish said...

lol don't worry Jax, I made sure my voters registration was in order before the deadline, my bf hounded me! Luckily, I was already taken care of--I'd signed up so I could sign a petition about the four-feet-away stripper law here in Seattle.

Red Robin
My god.
You're in for a treat.

Mooshki said...

Hmmm, Red Robin just came to Minnesota - maybe I'll have to give them a try.