Friday, October 24, 2008

jax said blind item

the only one you'll get!

One summer night in the last year or so this former pop star was feeling a bit amorous while out at a friends house so he decided to call up a couple of pros. The friend who owned the house did not mind and set in to motion calling a few other friends to really get the party going.

While waiting for the escorts to show our Pop singer decided what he really needed for a great night was a bit of illegal party favors and quickly nipped over to his own house to get them.
Minutes turned into hours and our Pop singer was still not back and the escorts at this point had been waiting around to get paid before starting anything. After waiting a bit longer the Pop singers friends had enough and ponied up to pay the escorts themselves and get the party started.

Hours later after everyone had their fun and were comfortably satiated the escorts were sent out into the night.....only to find our Pop singer passed out cold in the drivers seat of his vehicle.
Apparently he had taken too much GHB at home and it kicked in just as he arrived back to start the party.


Bad Fish said...

Oh god that's hilarious. Former pop star. Sounds like a George Michaels story.

Mooshki said...

FAIL! What good are drugs if they make you miss all the fun? I'm glad the friends got the party going on their own - someone's gotta have a happy ending!

Beth said...

hhmmmmm....who is this???

Mooshki said...

George Michael. Crap, every time I hear his name I miss Arrested Development more.