Friday, November 14, 2008

10 000 from you to me!

10 000 hits (not page views, that's over 15 000) since January.... THANK YOU!
Special thanks to Enty who inspired it, Bad Fish for the tutorials and support, Michael K, Moosh, Pinky, Bionic, Gladys, Kris, Bimini, Rare Avis, Rhiana, Hez and all the crew at CDAN and around.
So many of you it's hard to remember everyone.
Thanks for reading, commenting and keeping me in business!
What started on a whim has opened so many doors through friendship and camaraderie.
It really is the best thing about this blog and I can't wait for another 10 000!


Bad Fish said...

You are so welcome! Thank you for the shout out, and don't forget you always have a place at WUD. Oh, and if you want a facelift for this blog, you know I'm your girl!

Bad Fish said...

(and by that I only mean, my design and programming skills are at your disposal :) )

Mooshki said...


Pinky said...

Bottom line is you're interesting and plain fucking mental (in a good way) and I enjoy your site.

But like Moosh said, thanks for the shout out. That was nice :)

not a famous adrian said...

Wow!! Good work. It certainly is a fun
& interesting site to visit, even if I don't always post.