Tuesday, December 23, 2008

a few of Christmas parties past...

The last 2 years my company has been booking out a boutique hotel and giving us all rooms for no charge so we can get our drink on. because i organize the shindig, i got an upgrade.
my room pt.1 nice tub.

my room pt.2
it also had a full size bar, kitchen and a kickass view!

my ocean view from the room.

omg the food. the fooood. 2007.

Mark, my boss. Can you believe he's single and 34 ladies?
he likes when you call him Santa...2008
My bff at work, Jen and I high 5ing for some
goddamn reason mid-song. 2007.

Jen, Jen and I at the Xmas party 2006.

Have fun at your work parties...I did!


GladysKravitz said...

I wanna work where you work!!!!! Gimme that room and that view. Where was the hotel---in Vancouver?

It sure looks as if your work group knows how to party. You should invite Enty--he'd chow and drink up a storm..

jax said...

lol i totally would invite him!
no its White Rock, about 20mins from Vancouver across from Blaine, Washington.

we know how to party, lets put it this way: last year we ran out of booze at 11. this time, not so much.
i planned ahead! you gotta with an open bar.

that room..bliss. i layed in the hot tub at 3am overlooking the sea.

jax said...

layed? spell much

GladysKravitz said...

Oh....to be in that tub, in that room. Right now. I'm making fleur de sel caramels as presents, but I'm tired of the process.

I think I need to go make sure that the nectar of fleur de sel tastes ok. One can't be too careful..

jax said...

haha Gladys..my mom and i always sample 'to make sure its cooked' this can go for cookies, shrimp cocktail or kahlua.

mngddess said...

I just switched job. One crappy data entry job to another. I don't got it as good as you hon. I stopped working a long time ago to raise kids and its hard to get back into a decent job. Have a great time in 2008 and have one for me!


Bad Fish said...

Ah, your room looks soooo nice. Now THAT'S a room to get sick drunk in, lol. Looks like you had fun, Jax, glad you had a happy holiday. Spark one up for me, chica! :)

Bad Fish said...

(Yes, I know some of the pics are not from this year but all the same.)

Harriet Hellfire said...

I didn't even go to our Christmas function. "Mix n' Mingle @ The Delta". Feh!

merrick said...

looks like your fringe benefits are well worth the work you put in. The room looked awesome!