Monday, January 12, 2009

Golden Globe Notables...

  1. Mark Wahlberg and Jeremy Piven on the red carpet. During the interview, Wahlberg makes a joke, "I hope that mercury poisoning isn't contagious!" Piven goes stone faced and the interview progresses as both Wahlberg and the interviewer rib him. gold!

  2. Rumer Willis looks fantastic. no really. really.

  3. Kate Winslet, Tina Fey, Megan Fox and Johnny Depp all looked divine. Espec. Depp. Who knew Fey had a slit to the navel in her?

  4. When the Jonas Bros presented, Miley refused to look in the camera and kept her back turned at all times. You can see Billy Ray giving her the 'turn the fuck around' through gritted teeth.

  5. When Heath Ledger won the award for best supporting actor, no one stood up until Tom Cruise led the way and they all lazily got the their feet. SHAME! Letting Tom Cruise be an example to you...shame!

  6. Colin Farell at the podium sniffling, "I've got a cold, it's not the other thing it used to be!" LOL.

  7. Renee Zellweger...go home and try again. The dress was hot but the hair was not.

  8. J-Lo arrived wearing a cocktail dress suitable for Jersey hookers. Jersey Hookers under the age of 30 I might add. The 'green dress' is never coming back. Neither is your youth.

  9. Drew Barrymore channeled Marilyn Munroe. No, not Monroe. Munroe, the NYC tranny who performs 3 nights a week for old queens in Soho.

  10. No one thanked the G.O.D.


Mooshki said...

How did Rumer do it? Really. Did she get in on momma's contract with the devil? My mind was blown.

Thank god no one thanked god.

Mooshki said...

(And thank god someone did thank the D.O.G.)

jax said...

i don't know but whoever has gotten to her the last little while needs to be on the payroll for LIFE. she looks better than i ever thought she could.

DOG lol.

Anonymous said...

Who knew Colin Farrell could be so hilarious.

merrick said...

I wish I had seen the clip with Mark W giving it to the Piv; it must have been awesome. He said outloud what everyone was prolly thinking.

jax said...

and articulate! when he won he made the most sincere speech i've heard.

who knew he'd still be alive and Heath dead?