Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Travolta Update

Look, I don't care what you think of the man or his religion, something is not right about this.
Follow this one closely because I think something will surface eventually surrounding this suspicious death.

If you are a parent, ask yourself if you would even fathom firing up a PLANE to get your lifeless son the help he needed instead of loading him into the closest ambulance and getting the fuck to the hospital.

Why would John Travolta want his son treated in Florida?


GladysKravitz said...

I have to say that I think something else is up with Jett's death----it just smells hinky to me.

But I have dealt with parents in crisis situations before and not everyone thinks things through. People tend to go with what's familiar. So if Jett had a doc they trusted in Florida, it's not inconceivable to me that John would want Jett to be treated by him/her. I'm sure when he started thinking about who would do CPR, etc, on the plane, he realized that going to Florida was probably a poor option.

jax said...

i agree...i just find it odd that someone would even sign that document in that moment. wouldnt your first thought get him to a hospital? he wasn't even breathing or responsive when they 'found him'...it's just...odd. i wonder if jett ever had to go to that hospital b4? they spent a lot of time there and had a set up for him in the condo..you'd think they would have an approved physician nearby. and if they did and he had been to the hospital then my question would be...why not this time john? why does he need ot go to florida? and the guy responsible for releasing details of the autopsy? Obie Wilchcomb..one of the 3 named in extortion plan. not to mention the body was barely cold before it got cremated,in Florida i might add. it's all very diabolical in a way.
off to research...

Anonymous said...

I'm sure they wanted to fly him to Miami where the Sciento doctor would tell them the precise amount of sauna treatment and vitamins Jett would need to be revived.

Beth said...

ya...this whole thing is strange. I don't think we'lle ver get the truth about it tho.....they don't play like that.