Thursday, January 29, 2009

This would be funny if....nevermind.

Backpedaling is a great form of exercise!


Anonymous said...

HA HA. The woman just can't make up her mind. I do agree though that Jess' problem is all her clothes, and she shouldnt be allowed to bitch and whine about being called fat when she's made it clear that her body is her top selling commodity. If you want us to notice when you flaunt what you got, then don't chastise us for lamenting when it goes away!

jax said...

good points..but i don't know if her body is her top selling commodity,her dumb act is. even macy's exploited that for her.
the only time she's really done the sex for sale thing was during the Daisy Duke phase...5 years ago. she dresses pretty modest for a girl with big uns.

my issue is that everyone out there is calling the bitch fat and that is such a bad message for young girls. especially when the criticism comes from other women.
but i love you so we can agree to

GladysKravitz said...

I am completely with you Jax. I watched that video of her on Lainey's website and it made me feel sorry for all the girls who see that and think THEIR body is supposed to look like that. To me, when she was that size, she looked way too thin. Frankly, I think she looks better now--and a woman with her body would not be called fat by most men. I know a lot of guys who like women with some meat.

Anonymous said...

Notice Jax, that I didn't call her fat in those photos. Because really, she isn't. She's just an utter failure at dressing it. And I agree that her stupid thing is her "schtick" but let's face it, she wouldn't be able to get away with that if not for at the very least her face and her boobs.

If you ask me I think our ability to agree to disagree is beautiful. How many friendships get destroyed by dissenting opinions? Well, it won't be ours! :)

jax said...

i love you man! lol agreed!