Friday, February 13, 2009

It's official!

Chris Brown is an alleged women beater according to 90% of you.

Well done Chris. For your reward you lose the hottest female artist, all your endorsements AND your singing career! Kudos to you Mr. Beat-happy! But to be fair, you do get to keep the desperate and large starfuckers like the lovely lady above.
Plus, she looks like she hits back.


Bad Fish said...

looks like she hits back lol

I say if the shoe fits. TMZ regularly pays off the cops to get info. Alleged my ass.

Beth said...

he needs his ass BEAT!!!!

canadachick said...

while i agree that he should pay the price....but really if he did it before to her and she stupid is SHE - and if she goes back ...which i don't think she will with all the negative publicity..but she's young and dumb. ....stupid kids.