Monday, February 23, 2009

An Oscar Recap...

  1. Ryan attempting to talk to the adorable Indian kids on the red carpet only to fail miserably. Hey Ryan, don't ask the kids to translate when they aren't saying ANYTHING.
  2. Ryan completely dissing Marisa Tomei about her 'big comeback!' since My Cousin Vinny...only to have her tell him she's been there since then. Douche.
  3. Mickey Roarke needs to let the little chihuahua die.
  4. Hugh Jackman's opening was hilarious.
  5. Anne Hathaway sounded great and looked amazing in her original Oscar dress, not that mess she wore for the opening number.
  6. Goldie Hawn needed a dress that fit, a bra and some double sided tape. A valium would help.
  7. Loved all the new sets for categories. The screenplay portion was very cool with the narration as was the makeup category.
  8. "DO NOT fall in love with me!" Steve Martin and Tina
  9. The Asian dude who accepted mostly in Japanese ending his speech with "Domo Arrigato Mr Roboto!" I fucking love this guy. LOL.
  10. Jessica Biel looked a hot mess! That dress! that hair!
  11. I don't know about you but I'm dead certain James Franco is high as fuck.
  12. Kate Winslet wins, goes through her speech and ends it with what sounds like "To the Academy, fuck you very much!" exit stage left.
  13. Sean Penn forgets the long suffering wife but remembers to call the crowd "Commie, homo loving sonofaguns!" ehyaaa...ok.
  14. The Academy bowed down to public outcry and DID in fact pan to Brad n Angie TWICE while Aniston was on stage. God I loved the fake smile and reserved ease to Angie with comparison to a flustered, nervous and slightly tipsy Jennifer.
  15. It was a pretty darn good show....and no Jonas Brothers!


Anonymous said...

I hate Sean Penn SFM. SO FUCKING MUCH.

jax said...

he's one of those actors you don't want to know about at all because it totally colors his work. he's a wicked actor..but such.a.douche.

canadachick said...

Yah James Franco = stoned. Jenn aniston = nervous. Angie = bored but sh'es gonna go home and F*ck Brad so who cares. KAte = happy to win..

The biggest winners - cast of NOT jaded like the rest of the world

Beth said...

THANK YOU GOD there were no Jonas brothers! But why the hell was Slutty Cyrus there? She's an "actress" now? they have a porn catagory at the Oscars? Never knew that. hmmmm.....

Love Sean Penn...LOVE Steve Martin and Tina Fey!!! But Jessica Biel? really? I don't get it.

Catherine said...

I also loved the Asian guy....have no idea what the f*ck he said, but I felt his emotion! Dustin Lance Black is my new hero...Black is the new Black! Ryan Seacrest....still a no talent, ass kissing, crawling little turd. Okay, there's my two cents!