Friday, March 13, 2009

Happy Friday the 13th!

again? didn't we just have one a month ago? damn, that's creepy.
so my peeps, i'm not feeling to great right now,doc says i have a sinus infection. sucks.
i'm on meds and using a device to clean the sinus cavity. nasssssssty. TMI, sorry.

anyway i need my lil ass back in shape, i have my bday celebration with my friends.
i already missed on my drinks night out with my work buds tonight, sad face.

sooo....Howard K. Stern and the good Doc finally got snapped up? interesting.


Pinky said...

Feel better, Jax. And think lesser known royalty, but royalty none-the-less.

Bad Fish said...

Aw man I hate sinus infections, I'm so sorry chica! I hope you feel better soon. Eat a lot of pepper, it'll help drain things!

Nice picture of Bob Ross, btw, are you trying to freak us out? lol

Death to HKS! Crucify him!

Harriet Hellfire said...

I am going to steal that picture. My friends will appreciate it.

And I always thought Monday the 13th was a lot worse.

jax said...

does no one recognize the Slayer album?? Harriet i'm sure you did lol.