Saturday, April 11, 2009

So I know a guy who works at GM Place...

...and the latest rumble about Britney's 30min. departure from the stage last week was a setup for a failed drug test. The 'rumour' before was that she was paranoid about falsely failing a drug test and left the stage. My opinion is the same person is spreading both rumours, one to support the other.

All that I know is that in the 15 years GM Place has been around, no one has ever complained or left the stage due to smoke. Nice try Brit.

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Bad Fish said...

Yeah being so "worried" about having to dance through all the'd think she'd never danced through a fog machine before. Yeah, right!

Not to mention, I've been to plenty of concerts where the crowd was smoking heavily. Concerts where the entertainers were also chucking 2 liter bottles at the crowd and letting them fly where they may. Never saw anyone stop out of concern. Never saw anyone hurt.