Monday, June 1, 2009

Observations In Everyday Life...

I was out walking around my favorite local lake the other night and happened upon a flock of ducks,2 adult ducks, 6 new ducklings and a 1 big fat white goose. Shortly after I was joined by a Dad and his two young sons. We all watched in silence for a few minutes as the ducklings ate at the fresh dewy grass as their parents stood a few feet away. Every time one little duck would stray the big white goose would swoop around it like a sheep herder and if you got too close it would flap his wings and hiss at you.

I walked away with the father and his two young sons trailing close behind and overheard their curious questions as we both made our way around the lake path.

"Dad, why is that one white, is she the Queen?" said the boy.

"It's a boy, it's a King!" said his older brother.

"It's neither. He is just a different kind of bird. They are ducks and he is a goose and he lives here with them all. He just thinks he's a duck."

"Did someone leave him here?" asked the older boy.

"Ya because he' s different than all the rest. Is there something wrong with him Dad?" his brother added.

"No there is nothing wrong with him, he is no better or worse than the others. He is just different than them. But he doesn't know he is any different. And they don't let him think otherwise. That's important in life, letting people be people. Let a dog think it's a goldfish, who cares? I'd like to see that actually. Anyway boys,you should always be true to yourself and never stand in the way of someone being true to themselves."


"Can we get ice cream?"


debo805 said...

Love reading your blog but never have commented before. But this was so great I had to thank you for sharing it. Hope you don't give up on the blog, I always enjoy your posts. Love your comments on CDAN, too.

jax said...

debo, thankyou so much for your has come at a much needed time while deciding what exactly to do with my blog.

i'll be around more now that i have more time and hopefully you will see a whole new site in the next few months.

thanks again and don't be shy here or CDAN!

bmini said...

LOVE this post and love your blog!!! Don't give up!!!!

Mooshki said...

I still check your site every day just in case there's an update, so you know where I stand on this. :) I don't mind if you don't post a lot - it's a special treat when there's a new one.

Miranda said...

I love the duck story and the indifferent reaction at the end. So typical of little children :)