Sunday, August 30, 2009

The Last Sunday of Summer

...if you're going to school! HA! Unless you start on the 8th of course...then you have another week of saving grace. It's beautiful outside and I think I am going to the PNE with some girlfriends.

First though, I am going to make a great breakfast,murder my neighbors and read some Secrets.
Who week you may find one from an individual who's secret was hacking up her habitually noisy and rude upstairs neighbors with a pen knife. Ya never know!

Enjoy your day!


Beth said...

ok, so have you seen the lastest pic of K-Fed? good lord almighty...what the hell happened to him? ya, he was trash, but at least he was HOT trash!!!! damn.

jax said...

oh i can't beleive how fat he got so quickly! that is stress fat for sure, other wise his face would be huge! he still looks good in the face, but damn baby got biscuits for daysss!