Sunday, December 13, 2009

I Like To Move It..Move It.

Soooo...long time no post. I know, I'm bad at this. I started off so much better with good intentions...but fuck it, life happens. So last we chatted I was getting ready to move to gorgeous and sunny White Rock. well I did...and now I'm moving again....3 weeks later. Yup, agaian. Turns out I signed a lease with the devil and as you know the devil has no need for things like....heat..or honesty. Long story short, they fucking suck and I got screwed and SOOO not in a good way. Good news is they let me out of the lease and the bad news is I have to figure out how to forward already forwarded mail and pay movers, the same movers to come get my shit again. Oh and since it's been awhile I have to tell you about the first time these guys moved me. The truck they brought was too high to fit under the power lines on my street and they had to park down the road and hand truck it up. Good times.

Anyway back to the new place. I move in on Friday. It's a beautiful old apartment from the 60's that has gorgeous original hardwood floors, a whole wall of windows and lots of heat and space. It's about 5 blocks from the beach, so a bit further than the last but closer to everything else like shopping,groceries, restaurants, movies,galleries etc. And the best part? It has a rooftop terrace with 360 views of the ocean and mountains that is shared and quite happening in summer.
Hello Melrose Place! I'll try not to think about the lack of dishwasher...*sob*

Wish me luck...more later once I'm in. Oh..I almost forgot, it's Sunday!


Beth said...

I'm just puttin it out there, mkay?...I hate you girl!!!!

So jealous!

Stardust said...

Jax - 1) I have a countertop dishwasher that works pretty good. Cost me about $200. 2) Congrats on the new crib. 3) Happy New Year 4) Why aren't you linked to CDAN on his home page? Hugs, Pinky

jax said...

thanks Pinky!
Enty has changed his Links since..2007 maybe. it even has hez's OLD site listed. i keep telling him he needs to update.

jax said...

sorry i meant HASN'T.