Sunday, January 10, 2010

Sunday Sunday..So Good To Be..

Morning! How are we this fine Sunday morning? I am doing GREAT! I wish I had a bit more traffic to the blog,but you know what? My fault. I can't expect people to keep coming back to nadda. Well that's changing. I'm taking some writing classes at the University and promise to post with a bit more regularity. I love my new place, being in a whole different city feels so good. I'm so inspired to do more things like taking great pictures, shooting video and...painting. that's right.

Today I paint. When it's done, Ill take a snap and post it up here. First painting I have done in a lonnnng who knows what it will look like! Anyway, I hope whatever you are doing, you are doing it with joy in your heart, a good friend at your side and a warm cup of whatever helps you get through the day in front of you. Unless its methadone. You really shouldn't have a whole mug of that.

Oh, and enjoy some secrets!


Beth said...

ahhhh girl, you crack me up!!! why do I feel that...WHEN we finally get together, it will be a riot??!!!

jax said...

cuz it will!!

Mooshki said...

I'm glad you're getting inspired again!