Sunday, May 2, 2010

Laziness All Around Me

Good morning. It's early. 9:18am to be exact. I could not sleep in any longer and read for about an hour before getting up and deciding to post. It's quiet this early, I like it. Last night I went with some of my girlfriends to a great little sports bar on the beach and watched the Canucks lay the smack down to Chicago in game one of the second round Stanley Cup Playoffs. Sorry, excuse my Canadian-ness. I don't know what happened to me during the Olympics here, but..I became- gasp!- a hockey fan. I know,weird huh? was a good time watching the game,enjoying greasy food with my girls while watching the sun set over the ocean across the street. Bliss.

Today is going to be a lot of nothing. I plan to make a cup of strong tea and some peanut butter toast with fresh strawberries for breakie and curl up with my favorite classic 80's coming of age tale, Stand By Me. Love. This. Movie. I was ecstatic to find it for $5 at Target last week and it's the director's cut-special anniversary edition. 5 bones! Steal! After that I plan a nice long walk on the shoreline if it's not raining (currently overcast) and maybe grab a chai latte before picking up a few groceries and heading out for dinner with Mom and Dad. I kinda live for days like this. Days full of nothing and so much at the same time. Days that replenish your energy,fill up your tank with fresh air and give you rosy cheeks to smile about. Days where you can do anything or nothing at all and feel good about it. Sundays...

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