Sunday, June 13, 2010

The Sundays Of Summer

Good morning all! Sorry I have been away from the blog for awhile,but life does that sometimes. I am still working on a blog post about China,but honestly, the last few weeks since I've been back my mind has gone a million miles a minute and I haven't been able to completely put into words exactly how much the trip meant to me and how much I completely miss it! Rest assured,it will be written sometime this week along with an interview with Bodhi Jones and some other surprises coming up. Plans are still on hold for a new design for the blog while i get my life in order,but it WILL HAPPEN.

As for today...hug a gay or lesbian near you, it's Pride week in a lot of places like California,which means kicking off tons of Pride events and protesting for NoH8. If you don't have a gay or lesbian near you,hug your kids or friends,they might be gay one day! Show empathy and compassion for those around the world that don't have the same choices as you do and the same opportunities afforded to you because of who you love. It's not right,it has to change and only WE can make it happen.

One love, y'all.

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