Friday, July 2, 2010

Canada Day in Surrey

The skies finally parted before the main acts went on stage.

Dragonette had a great turnout for their 40minute set. Amazing live FREE show.

Ding the bell,win a prize. Didn't do either.

But these were pretty cute.

Craft tent for the little Canucks.

Squirrel Tails. Never seen em before but they resemble the beaver tail and the whale tail.

Bollywood makes an appearance.

Ridley Bent. Good performance but they could have cleaned it up a bit for the kids.

Jessie Farrell. She was last minute replacement, but you'd never have known.

These were some tasty wieners. These ladies made me laugh too. Good chilli.

These ducks were fun to watch with the small kids around. Very cute.

This little girl ended up winning a stuffed Starfish. She was pretty happy about it.

I just loved the colour of these monkeys. Way better stuffed animals than when we were kids.

This big pink tent was very popular with the little girls. As you saw above.

This is like the Puke-O-Tron. Really. They had a hose next to the exit.

This was by far the longest lineup. And it's just a trampoline in a harness! Poor parents.

I hated this thing back then, hate it now.

The good old ferris wheel, still a hit with people young and old.

Canada Day Hair was very popular as well.

No Canada Day would be complete without a visit from the Royal Canadian Mounted Police.

True North Strong and Free..there it waves above center stage.

He's a little teapot..

The City of Surrey put on a great show this year for people of all ages. From rides to live shows,facepainting to mini donuts (without a lineup!) this event was well put together and enjoyed by all. The food was fantastic with a wide variety from classics like hotdogs and cotton candy to Canadian favorites poutine and pirogies. Showcasing what Canada is all about,they held several events demonstrating diversity and acceptance. The message being to celebrate our similarities and our differences in a truly Canadian style.

Thank you to Fruticana for the cool fireworks show and free watermelon all day! And also a big thank you to Melissa Snow and the event staff and volunteers at City of Surrey Events.


John C Davies said...

Epic post Jax. I too am a big fan of the colored monkeys.

jax said...

thanks, John!
i posted more of dragonette,above.