Monday, August 2, 2010

Vancouver Pride 2010

Taste the Rainbow!

Dykes on Bikes opened the Parade.

I want a 4 wheeler just like that.


Vancouver's Primetimer's.

Just cuz you're old doesn't mean you're less gay.

This picture looks amazing in B&W. That is all.

First Nations Gay and Lesbian of BC.

Nice throw, Barb!

Vancouver Police Marching Band.

Hello, Officer.

Pull-ovah! Vroom vroom!!! Wooooohhhh!

Vancouver Fire Dept. Push,guys!

Oh this one was saucy...

I see areola!

This sailor was popular.

Believe it or not, they were NOT dancing to Village People....sadly.

There's a new Queer Sheriff in town,boys...

Hyatt, anti-gay. Never stay there anyway, they are anti-clean as well.

LOVE the I.V. bags,inside we are all gay.

BC Nurses Union, thank you ladies!

More to it than Brokeback Mountain people.

Ferris Bueller's Twist n Shout. Awesome.

Holla for Fraser Valley!

Family Pride!

This lovely old lady received a standing ovation from the crowds.

The WHOLE DAMN family!

Yes, do. In with anger, out with LOVE.


Little Sisters got the most crowd reaction for a long overdue job well done.

The local TV crew that followed Naked Guy for 2 hours...too frightening to post.

TD Bank had it going ON. Most danceable music too.

Festival site.

People living on Beach Ave. enjoying the show.

Gay For A Day put on by Convenant House. Great Charity local to Vancouver.

Don't ask.

I bought one.

Religion was rampant at Pride,every denomination practically was represented in a fair and accepting way. I was impressed but still not on Team Jesus.

Oxygen Bar.

"It's so amazing and relaxing. I just feel refreshed from a long nap!"

I'm not sure either but the outfits were so pretty.

Honey, that is art, not a costume!


He handed me card that said, "Want a cuddle?" Yes.

Volunteers make the world go'round!

What Pride wouldn't be complete without a leather Daddy and a pink tutu at the Hawaiian Ice? Amazingly this wasn't the craziest thing I saw all day, but I did have fun.
Don't miss it next year, I won't!

(Click to enlarge for better quality)


RocketQueen said...

Some amazing pics, Jax!
I actually know the foreskin awareness guy QUITE well - I'll tell you stories one time - I've known him since SFU and he was always a fucking weirdo. If you want to add him on facebook, he's Glen Callender.

Those last pics of the art/not costume - incredibly beautiful headpiece!

Love the IV bags!

Did all the banks make a showing or just TD? (still shopping around :))

What's the deal with the Hyatt?

jax said...

thank you!
i only recall seeing TD, but it was so crazy and stuff was going by i might have missed one. but TD was a HUGE sponsor...i have the green ray bans and scarf to prove

Hyatt apparently has issue with gay workers and HIV + workers...who stays there anyway??

rodbcn said...

Jax, great pix. Captured the spirit. Who would have thougtht that there were so many gays in the village?

GladysKravitz said...

Love the nurses and the IV bags. Gives me an idea for a great prank -- middle of the night levity.