Sunday, September 12, 2010

The Mashup That Changed My Life

For real yo, Kurt is KILLING it! No pun intended. (ok, small pun intended) Have a great lazy Sunday and I swear you will be humming this facking song ALL DAMN DAY. Enjoy.


braverwoman said...

Dude! That mash-up is awesome! SO glad I pressed play, gonna send it to my kid in college. I stopped by to see if you knew what was going on at CDAN. Hope the big guy is OK. Kinda freaked-out by the fragmented postings. Oh well, we will see what this week brings. Thanks for posting the cool stuff. BW

jax said...

not a problem! i love this so much and the video is just as good.

have no idea what is going on with the fatman. :o(