Monday, February 21, 2011

Vogville Day & Night Festival

The Autumn Portrait

By Starlight

City Of Glass

I spent Saturday afternoon at Vogville's Day & Night Festival showcasing some of Vancouver's greatest indie bands. The event went on well past midnight but I was only there for most of the daytime shows including The Autumn Portrait, By Starlight and City of Glass. I hadn't heard much of the last two and was happy to walk away with a cd and review coming up later this week from City Of Glass. The Alpen Club provided an interesting venue filled with culture,a bouncing floor and great acoustics from what I heard. Oh, and the fraulien in the German Beermaid outfit was a nice touch behind the bar. Much thanks to Jonathan Fluevog of Vogville Studios and Happy Planet for putting together a cool all ages show on what should have been a rainy Saturday afternoon. Had the sun not fought its way through the BC clouds, I'm sure the crowds would have been bigger. If it comes around next year, I plan to check out the evening shows and see how the above 15 set does it.

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