Monday, March 7, 2011


Normally I would not be posting about a show in Toronto when I live in Vancouver,but I've just come across a great new artist from New York's East Village, who in short, is amazing.

MotherMoon has the sound reminiscent of a time long before she was born and a talent that will grow with each note. Compared to Norah Jones and Billie Holiday, singer Ashley Selett has the smooth and hypnotic voice perfect for an afternoon of new memories with someone special or a simple day in the sun. Listening to "Heat" from her album "Writing In The Sky" is a nostalgic journey to a time when a voice and a melody meant something and were the foundation of any great career. Let's hope this continues for MotherMoon because she's won me over and I can't wait to see her live in Vancouver sometime soon. You can listen to a sample of her songs here.

And if you live in Toronto, she has her first Canadian show coming up this weekend at Czehowski. Catch MotherMoon live March 12, 2011 at 11pm for her part in Canadian Music Fest and let me know what you thought if you go!

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