Sunday, April 3, 2011

My Earliest Musical Memory


shakey said...

I saw her at Ontario Place in ... 1980 or 81. Had to drag three friends with me. She was playing at the same time as Ted Nugent's show at Exhibition Place (he had a pre-Ozfest or Ozzypalooza, whatever it was called) with other heavy metal acts. A lot of rockers made fun of us Blondie fans. She put on a great show. After the concert when all the metal heads got out, they complained that they could hear her above some of the acts they saw. Ha ha!

My first concert was The Knack. I was 15.

Earliest musical memory is tough. My brother and I listened to the radio A LOT and we played my sister's 45s A LOT. Music was my escape from a less than pleasant childhood. I think the first one would have to be from The Commander Tom Show, which was a kids show on the Buffalo affiliate of ABC. He had puppets and they "sang" to It's So Nice to be With You by Gallery:

jax said...

one way or another was a huge one for me as a kid..i def loved that era.