Monday, May 16, 2011

Sooo... may have noticed less and less from jaxsaid. I haven't abandoned it. Not at all. It's just that right this very second and every other in my day I need to be focused on something more important. FOR NOW. And I'm hoping that means a few weeks.

I miss doing stuff to post for the blog like crazy but the reality is that it doesn't pay squat right now. So while I do my thing trying to hustle my ass off in a non-sex trade worker kinda way...I promise I will keep posting here and there. I just can't dedicate a lot of funds to attending events that won't give me media access for the sake of being there. Having said that, if you do have a new album or mixtape coming out or a cool show coming up you want me to write about or shoot-send me a message. I'll do my best to get there. Or just say hey..I could use the distraction sometimes.

People who've been reading the blog since it's conception will see a change too. I realized awhile ago that the reason I was having a hard time writing posts was that I was trying to stifle the person I was in my writing for what I thought people wanted. While trying to make it look and sound more "professional" I ended up writing my personality right out of the picture. There is probably a few reasons I went that route,none that matter any more, and so I made a conscious decision to be more present in my writing and photography going forward. A friend reminded me the reason she came here was for my view, for me and how I write. I have to believe that any success I've had in the last three years has been from just being myself.
I mean, come on? The last five months clearly proves I can't be anyone else.

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