Sunday, June 26, 2011

What's Up?

Good morning all. Sitting here at my desk looking out over the fountain and wishing it would magically turn into a pool. The weather in White Rock has been beautiful lately despite what the grumblers in Vancouver keep saying. Still searching for the elusive job that seems to be playing hide and seek with me lately. I had an interview last week for The Worst Job Ever. And they want me back for another interview on Monday but I'm not going. The pay was horrible and the supervisor told me to expect to cry at least once a month. Who says that?? Anyway, with the commute,lousy pay and added stress, I could make more in town at Starbucks with tips. So I'm back at it...but feeling a lot better about my journey than before. I'm unemployed, not unemployable.

Today will be a day of Farmer's Markets, walking to the beach and reading a great book with the sounds of the waves in the background. My best friend is coming out tomorrow to see the Black Keys for a belated birthday bash. So excited!

Whatever you end up doing, do it well and often! Seacrest out!

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