Saturday, November 5, 2011

I Sprang Forward, Now I Fall back

Halloween Ball at Science World 2011

So I completely forgot about blogging altogether the last month or so. I have been so wrapped up in worked and sitting at a computer after sitting at one for 8 hours isn't so appealing sometimes. It will just have to be me making more of an effort and getting back into a bit of a routine for myself. Maybe choose one day a week to blog and work my way up. I like my job, it took awhile to get a grasp on some things but now that I know what it is I'm doing and have more confidence in it, it isn't so bad. The company is pretty cool and the people are great, it's the commute and waking up super insane early that suck. I am really looking forward to that extra hour of sleep!

As you can see from the photo, Halloween was spent at the costume ball and it was a lot of fun. I doubt I'd do that venue again at that price ($55) but if you're under 25 and single- go forth! I am really digging this new Gomez tune, Options. Been awhile since I've heard from them.


sj_sands said...

I also love Gomez! And the Kooks! Clearly you have good taste in music.

Your blog looks pretty established but mine is quite new, check it out if you're keen. It's a bit different:

ent lawyer said...

You write that you are going to start writing more regularly and now it has been two weeks since your last post. I need more Jax postings in my life. Get with it. Yes, yes, I know you are voting today, but, you could write about that. You could write about drinking games while watching election results. "This just in" "We are now reporting" big time winners. "poll" will get you drunk in an hour sometimes.