Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Nana the grouch

you ever work with someone who makes your life a living hell?
well i do and she's old.
i think there comes a certain time in every old bag's life where she just needs to chill with some werther's originals, snuggle up to a cozy fire, watch Dancing with the Stars and just fuck off already. we all know you're old and bitter. the world is changing and you feel threatened by it but guess what? life happens and you're either on board for the ride or getting splashed with a puddle on the side of the road.

old bag at's coming for ya.
wear a slicker.

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Jorma said...

I have seen various types of these old bitties and grumps on my rapid ascent to the top. Oh, have I not told you about the top? Its sort of like this:

The top is no place for pansies, the squeemish, or seniors. At the top you leave your heart at the door and your conscience in the glove box. At the top they serve chilled, senile, seniors brains for lunch. Recreation at the top consists of wholesome games like, "Kick in the Little Old Mans Teeth" and "Urinate on the Sunspotted Masses." The top is a place where you have to keep buying knives because the rest of them are still stuck in elderly peoples backs. I once saw a photo of the top and its just plain wall to wall sweat and testicles! Young wrinkles up there! I love it!