Wednesday, January 30, 2008

the writers strike is making me feel dirty

it really is.
its been god knows how many restless nights since i've been able to proudly watch Heroes or Life , Entourage or Big Love and waltz in smugly on monday morning "oh you don't get that channel, you don't watch that show?" to the basic cable dwellers.
no instead i'm watching the lamest shit ever. American damn Idol..anything MTV throws at me, Extreme fuckin makeover and gasp! Paradise Hotel RERUNS! Reality shows I've seen already!!..and heaven help me Jon & Kate plus 8.
that is not cool or fun to talk about, it's boring-it's what my mother phones me about on commercial 3x a week to give me a run through even though i've told her 6 weeks in a row that i do not watch that crap.
ya well it's the 7th week and i'm hitting speed dial before the credits roll.
the shame.

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