Thursday, January 31, 2008

Billy Bush you fiesty lil scamp

so Heath Ledger has been dead for less than two weeks and already the take down is happening. you know how it goes. you die and they enter you into Sainthood for a few days,maybe a week. then all the vulchers start to swoop in with the 'insider info' and 'his last moments!" before the final stage of villifying the deceased for a 'sordid drug past'. It's 2008 find me someone famous or not, that doesn't have a sordid drug past (me included). anyway i'm getting off track.

all damn week there has been rumours about a video showing Heath doing drugs at the Chateau Marmont in 2006 after the SAG awards (he lost). well Entertainment tonight and the Insider were going to show it tonight but caved due to public outcry...but not before they aired a very long teaser showing the money shot pretty much. what was the point to this post? oh ya.

billy fuckin bush (who i'm not a big fan of) ripped into Mary Hart via his blog for even showing that much in the first place. I agree with billy (waiting for lightening to strike). this video was 2 years ago and does NOT indicate that at the time of his death he was a habitual user. please it was after a major awards ceremony where he lost for Brokeback effin Mountain, that's like shooting a video of me smoking a joint after the fuckin Prom and not getting a diploma.

anyway Billy- you're good people, consider changing that last name and you should be fine.

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