Monday, February 4, 2008

date like a man & other bullshit fed to women

date like a man.
what does that even mean?
i've noticed a pattern in media today. it seems there is a shift in the women are from venus men are from mars single world. everywhere i've looked lately i'm reminded what is wrong with me as a woman for not being in a relationship or heaven forbid- married. books, radio guest spots,tv shows and advertising all geared towards the singleton and how she needs to change her silly ways to snag a man. countless single soccer dads have written books,blogs and held fuckin seminars on it. some are geared towards the 'playas' in training and others are centered on scaring the shit out of single women over 30. and the message is all the same "grunt grunt, man like pussy, he no want one for rest of life" and you better get used to it. how many books in the self help at chapters are staring you women in the face with titles such as "bitch change yo ways if you want a baby by 40" or "i'm a man this is what we like,get over it" but what they are really called are "He's just not that into you" or "The Game". oh and my new favorite tucker max. this guy is douche supreme and proud of it. if i were his mother i'd beat his ass raw, but the freaky lil' bugger would like it lol.
ok so like i was saying...why does a woman have to change in order to find a man? why is there no compromise in this? i mean some guys are assholes. like reallll dicks. and you're telling me instead of Dicky McPrick getting some therapy i'm supposed to grin and bare it like something out of that piece of shit book The Rules? no wayyyyy. don't even get me started on those bitches and what that damn book did for women. whores. but i digress...when did it become 1955 again?
why am i pschologically dumbing it down for these social rejects still living in mom's basement? it's not ok,get a job and ask yer ma for your balls back.

in short-next time a friend tells you you need to date like a man...tell her you did and you just weren't into it.

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