Tuesday, February 5, 2008

ronald mcdonald used to be my homeboy

been to mcdick's lately or at least the drive thru? notice anything different? anything missing? like HALF the fuckin menu?
ohhh they still serve and sell all those delicious carcinogens they just don't advertise 90% of it unless it's in a combo meal. not a big deal to most because let's face it we pretty much all get the combo. don't lie. the problem i have with it is this. if we don't know the prices we'll never know when they raise them. and what if say i left my wallet at home and i have about $4 in change. i have to ask the poor biotch behind the counter or other side of the window "how much is this? how much is that?" embarassing for me annoying as hell for the people behind me. this is FAST food damnit how is that helping?

can you imagine if other restaurants adopted this practice? oh a few other fast food chains are but i'm talking a real sit down with menus type. you sit they hand you the menu,you open it and the waiter comes over and tears half of it out. wtf? what idiot in marketing came up with this? and why is it acceptable? if you are a food establishment in europe you must show a full menu and prices on your front door. makes sense to me.
bada du du duh.. i'm not lovin' it.

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tanya said...

Man I want McDicks now!!! Hour drive for me and it makes me shit my pants, so no thanxs. I also agree with everything u wrote.