Monday, March 24, 2008

St. Francis my ass...

so a certain douchbag got let out of prison a week or so ago just in time for Easter kiddies. do you think this pervert of justice actually spent it with the family hiding easter eggs and making ham? nah.
he was too busy on the GGW bus trying to find his next big thing in case the Spitzer hooker really was 17 when he shot 7 hours of footage over the course of a WEEK.
yes you read correct, that silly whore got 'kicked out ' of her hotel room in Miami and instead of crashing at a freinds, calling Daddy or borrowing cash to get another room our dear lil slut hopped aboard the Girls Gone We-tarded bus with the king of all we tards, Joe.
well whatcha gonna do? it does say Ass, Grass, or Cash no one exploited for free right on the bumper.


Pinky said...

Okay I know this post isn't about the movie "Let's Go To Prison" but that is one seriously funny fucking movie! Have you seen it? Chi McBride made me laugh so hard!

jax said...

i had no idea what it was from but since checked out the trailer..will try this weeknd.
it looked damn funny.

Pinky said...

Did you watch it??