Tuesday, March 18, 2008

was it all a clever ruse?

the whore who was doing the gov of NY? ya turns out this wasn't her beginner job. guess how the young and lovely spent her 18th birthday? out drinking at a houseparty? using a fake id to get into a big city bar? blowing her high school boyfriend? not even close.

nope! she spent her 18th birthday on the back of the Girls Gone Wild bus. that's right she spent over 2hours doing whatever nasty girls do. fast forward a few years and here she is today hooking up with joe francis fresh out of Gov. paid anal rapings ie. prison to appear in his magazine, fully clothed mind you. well no shit why show the used up whore look when you still have the fresh nubile whore in training queued up to go in an instant.

was this the plan all along to motivate her to talk? dvds make a lotttta money.
makes you wonder.

*i refuse to post a pic and give her more net space. oh and rosie thinks you're disgrace.

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