Friday, March 14, 2008

tom, you're so gay dude

ya i know that's Ponch. or erik estada for those born after 1975. i just watched one of the best batshit crazy videos of Tom thumb..sorry Cruise. it was filmed on his birthday a year ago or so. it takes place on a wait! ya not gay at ALL.

anyhow lil Tom's right hand (and sometimes left if the right is getting numb) man David Misc. decided to throw his BFF a big shindig on a boat for all his friends to have a gay old time. can i tell you how fuckin glad i am someone had the foresight to film this shit???!!! first Tom comes in to the theme to Top Gun and takes his seat, throwing that maniacal head back to laugh and knee slap his way into a coma while the song plays. and then come the best part, tom dances tom SINGS! if tom had a parasol and a pair of white gloves he'd be in heaven. tom actually steels the mic from the women hired to sing Old time rock n roll to Tommy boy but tom totally upstages the talent at his own fucking surprise party. he does it by doing the FUCKIN SPLITS ala Risky Buisiness. TWICE.

damn that shit does not get any better.

i dare ya....Happy Friday!

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