Thursday, March 13, 2008

hookers need love to..

no they don't. they need a way out and a good stun gun to 'get out'. sorry i don't feel to sorry for the lil ho' that got busted over the weekend doing a Gov. bareback. i feel sorry for the tricks on the corner but not for this slut who knowingly had sex in her anoos (ala Borat) unprotected,possibly sending her skank diseases home to the wife. oh don't get me wrong, the Gov is in some deep shit (pun intended!) at work and at home but sorry i just want to take a large hammer to her obviously small brain. this girl was not your regular call girl. she was an 'aspiring singer' who couldn't pay rent on her $2500/month pad in NYC. hey ho- here's a clue MOVE. um last time i had a hard time paying my rent my first though was to call Mom n Dad or move my ass to a more affordable area...and then did so.

what goes througha young women's mind that justifies fucking an old dude with 2 daughters close to my age? is it really that nice of an apartment? do you need new clothes that bad?

is a student loan that hard to get in the states???

and to the wife- get your money from Daddy Barebacks and get the eff out. She wasn't the first nor will she be the last. oh and get an STD test. STAT.

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