Friday, March 7, 2008

daddy needs to get paid

so Brit's Daddy went to court to extend the conservatorship and while he was in the hizzy decided to ask for a little pay cheque. $2500 per week. cue the chickens squawking "oh he only wants her money" "oh her family sees her as a mealticket"

uh, no. the man has a full time job and right now it's talking his daughter away from the ledge. i'm sure he has a home, a car and bills to pay, so why shouldn't he at least get his expenses paid? if anyone else was doing the job they'd get it too. christ the man has a restaurant to run and happens to be the head chef there, those things don't run on helium.

i normally wouldn't post about Britney, especially now that we know it's a mental condition but this kind of crap just makes me pissed. people really do feed on the negative and now that there is no real drama to report they have to pick away at what lil info there is and today it's Daddy Spears is an asshat day.

give the man a break, he's trying to put Humpty Dumpty back together again.

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