Wednesday, March 5, 2008

in a perfect world we'd all look like this...

scratch that- in a perfect world we'd all be married to David Beckham!
so another newsworthy article made the rounds this week. Posh shops at target. gasp! well no shit she shops at target, they don't exactly sell tampons and baby wipes at Gucci. but if they did you know fuckin well this bitch would have em! you know what i like best about all the bs written on this? some idiot had the nerve to say she showed up in jeans , a tee and no makeup! umm...i'm no scientist but i don't believe that is a 'natural look' for Posh. sure we get to see her in her Gap best but come on swap out the outfit for a Chanel dress and Laboutins and she's ready to enjoy some champs and well that's all really. did you think i was going to say canapes? anyone else sure, but this is Posh and Posh does not consume anything over 0.0000001 calories. dust and tic tac eater as i call them. any way my point is that this is as dressed down as we are ever going to see Victoria until say 2055 when she is going to look mayjay in her Granma jeans, depends and Cruz Beckham for Sears sweater sets.
oh you know he's gonna be a gay.

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